Google investigating missing manual actions

Over the past 24-hours or so there have been reports of manual actions disappearing from Google Search Console.

There are widespread reports that manual actions are disappearing from Google Search Console. If you had manual actions and they are not showing up this morning, you are not alone. Daniel Waisberg from Google said he is investigating these reports.

What is a manual action? Google will issue a manual action against a site when a human reviewer at Google has determined that pages on the site are not compliant with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines. These manual actions are displayed within Google Search Console and stay there until the manual action is lifted. You can learn more about these manual actions over here.

What do they look like? Here is a screen shot of a manual action:

But many who have manual actions are seeing “no issues detected” in the manual actions viewer within Search Console:

Google is investigating. Waisberg from the Google Search Relations team, who works closely with the Search Console team, said, “Looking into it…” when I asked about it:

Looking into it…

More complaints. Here are some of the complaints from the SEO community about the mysteriously missing manual actions:

@rustybrick Definitely, bug! 3 of my manual actions have disappeared just a few hours ago! Did not submit any reconsideration request & no email from search console! pic.twitter.com/umdSB83WG5

Have Google screwed up again? It seems that all manual actions disappeared yesterday – Don't get too excited guys, I'm sure they will be back within 48hrs. pic.twitter.com/2VB9xmvTgr

There's definitely something going on. @DylanAdamek1 just checked several of our manual action clients they all show no current manual actions.But none have a message saying the action was removed. pic.twitter.com/j8tmpm6Fwo

Why we care. Often seeing a “no issues detected” message in the manual actions viewer within Google Search Console is a reason to smile and celebrate, espesially if the site had a manual action. But do not celebrate or get your hopes up today if you see that. It looks like a bug and Google will probably fix it soon.

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